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To rewrite the vernacular of our feelings, is to redefine the way that we see time, to loose the way that we are expected to be to feel free to be me. Be the men in all of us, and be the men in you. I will be the me in us. I can especially be the men in us and see the pain unable to be expressed in them. Those who see this pain are able to transfer it to empowerment. To empower men is such a way that they are able to be their true selves is to experience an avenue and a street and ocean of emotion that is inside of them is to empower them. Women are born empowered because they can bring the power. Men need to be emotionally empowered to see themselves on this wavelength, and to see a way out of it. They are in a cage so deep and so dark that they have chosen to put others in with them. Why?
Let’s take the pressure off of them let’s celebrate them in a way that they have never been celebrated before by celebrating the loss from their emotions that they feel. Men are the answer now, they are the key to unlocking the future and the way that will bring us all into a healthier place in the world. Let’s help them experience emotion for life in a way they have never known. Vulnerability in aspects of the self, a given softness.